CogniTrainer 4.2

It helps us in memorizing items from various topics
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As the name suggests, CogniTrainer is a program that trains our ability to memorize. It helps us in memorizing several topics like capitals of several countries across the world, currencies of different cities, words and their meanings, formulae, and so on. We can add any number of concepts to the dictionary and this software helps us memorize them. It is also possible to add, delete or modify individual dictionary entries depending on our requirements. The program contains a “reminder strip” that flashes out different words related to concepts from the dictionary. Flash cards are also available to display the key concepts. The “exam” option allows us to test ourselves in regards to our memory.

Besides editing the items to be memorized, we can also edit the font type, size, style and color for both the main window and the reminder strip. The program provides us with an option to control the time for a particular concept to flash in the reminder strip for. The program really helps in memorizing concepts easily, saving time and reducing effort. The interface is also available in Russian language.

Manoj Goel
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  • Reminder strip flashes out several concepts
  • A helpful time option


  • Adding a whole dictionary is a tedious process
  • Not many language options available
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